Paintball in the basque country forest

Paintball is a sport or recreational activity played between two teams whose members are equipped with protective masks and paint guns.
The compressed-air paintball guns use 0, 68 calibre paint balls made of biodegradable capsules containing non-toxic coloured natural jelly.

Paintball requires a great deal of strategic thinking, halfway between cricket and chess. The whole manoeuvre consists of placing the players and adapting properly to the terrain.
Oihana Paintball is played in a wooded area of more than 4000m2 (43,000 sq ft). Caches are entirely made of natural materials (wood pallets and crosses, barrels, logs, fallen tree trunks, wooden bunkers…).

This activity is available from the age of 7 for children’s games and from the age of 12 for adult games. Adult equipment does not have the same features as children’s equipment and both meet European standards of use.